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The Bright Side of Terrazzo Flooring

  Venetian mosaic or terrazzo is an artificial flooring component used to create floors, walkways and patios among others. The installation work is likened to the tasks of a cement mason; a solid, smooth foundation made of concrete is built a few inches deep then an inch of sandy concrete layer is added then the workers usually place metal strips that serve as dividers to separate colors or joints and lastly, a pulverized mixture of marble chip usually with color, is incorporated into pre-placed panels. Different colors are added into the wet mixture then a light roller is rolled over the surface of the entire area. Fine set terrazzo with a polymer base was introduced in the 1970s and as years passed, epoxy terrazzo came into the picture, many terrazzo flooring contractors nowadays use this type for indoor projects. Due to the development of technology in the industry as well as the increase in possible sources, aggregates like abalone, mother of pearl and recycled combinations like gl

Wall Stickers VS Wallpaper

  Wallpaper demands ability to implement while wall stickers are relatively easy to put up. Before a home owner can begin applying wallpaper they need to have the correct equipment: long pasting table, scissors, razor blades, wall paper paste, pasting brush, tray roller, wet rags, bucket, ruler, the list can be endless. Even then there is the intensive job of filling in any small cracks and sanding down the walls to get rid of blemishes. With re-positionable wall stickers there is literally no preparation. The walls need to be clean and smooth but hoovering any dust off them is a quick job and assistance is minimal. Instructions are enclosed in every packet and with the one 'peel and stick' rule, application is a straight forward process. Once positioned, if not sitting correctly, the wall sticker can simply be pulled off and rearranged to the preferred design! Bright, elegant arrangements can be created with minimum effort and with no professional expertise. Heavy-duty quality

Is Basmati Rice Good For Diabetes?

  When you talk about Indian cuisine, one of the first things that come to mind is the delicate, aromatic and fluffy basmati rice along with a steaming bowl of spicy curry. So is that all basmati rice is about? Is basmati rice good for diabetes as numerous dieticians and physicians are keen to assert? What are the nutrition benefits of it that make it almost indispensable in various households? Diabetes - types and causes Diabetes is a chronic condition occurring due to your pancreas's inability to process the hormone insulin that is produced by the body. It is also causes when your pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin for your body. Any imbalance in the insulin content causes a problem to the body because it renders it impossible to control blood sugar. As per data released by World Health Organization, in 2014 alone, more than 2 million people died of diabetes worldwide. There are mainly two types of diabetes - type 1 and type 2. The symptoms are almost the same, but

Proper Handling of a Welding Gas Cylinder

  Proper handling of gas cylinders is one aspect that usually gets overlooked in the welding industry. Most welding gases contain a combination of CO2, Argon, and Helium which are non flammable and non explosive but they can still be very harmful. If the cylinder gets knocked over causing the valve to be broken off, the exceedingly elevated pressure exiting from the cylinder can cause major harm to you, those around you, and any objects in the area. Handling the cylinder properly should always be taken seriously. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and can cause permanent damage. The following are simple steps that can be employed when handling a gas cylinder. Have a constant awareness of your surroundings at all times. If you are, transporting, removing from a machine or the cylinder is being stored, the cylinder ought to be firmly fastened. If appropriate, use a threaded cylinder cap when transferring the cylinder. This guards the valve lest the cylinder tips over or bumps in