Wall Stickers VS Wallpaper

  Wallpaper demands ability to implement while wall stickers are relatively easy to put up. Before a home owner can begin applying wallpaper they need to have the correct equipment: long pasting table, scissors, razor blades, wall paper paste, pasting brush, tray roller, wet rags, bucket, ruler, the list can be endless. Even then there is the intensive job of filling in any small cracks and sanding down the walls to get rid of blemishes.

With re-positionable wall stickers there is literally no preparation. The walls need to be clean and smooth but hoovering any dust off them is a quick job and assistance is minimal. Instructions are enclosed in every packet and with the one 'peel and stick' rule, application is a straight forward process. Once positioned, if not sitting correctly, the wall sticker can simply be pulled off and rearranged to the preferred design! Bright, elegant arrangements can be created with minimum effort and with no professional expertise.

Heavy-duty quality wallpaper is quite costly and somewhat fragile due to the labor-intensive nature of production, but it offers a look that you won't find in many homes. Hand-crafted textured wallpapers can work fantastically well when used to create a feature wall. It will add just enough colour and pattern to make a room more interesting and homely. Many also come with a protective vinyl coating which makes them durable and means they resist stains well.

Wallpaper is perfect not only for its beauty but also for its longevity but in theory it is an expensive way to restyle a home to keep it looking fresh. Wall decals are made of a high quality vinyl that is customised specifically for interior wall application. They have a nice matte finish to look more like paint and will allow customers to change their walls into works of art in a matter of minutes.

Wall stickers versatility means interior delights and trends can be embraced. When out of fashion customers can simply unpeel them (it doesn't hurt the paint) and rearrange them in another room or store them safely until the love for them comes back round.

Choosing wallpaper may seem like a trivial thing, but it is important to choose a design that will fit well to the size of the room. Wallpaper is messy and inconvenient to put up, making it a full on project. The obstacles of wall papering can include ugly creases, curling, loose ends, fatal gaps between strips, glue not setting, wallpaper sliding off and as novice decorators will already be aware, the art of wall papering usually requires two people. Preventing errors wherever possible is key.

Wall decals is a simpler alternative as they can be applied almost anywhere, without leaving marks or sticky residue behind. The non toxic elements are so easy to apply even young ones can take part in the fun of energising dull, lifeless walls into a focus wall of beauty and luxury.

Wallpaper is one of the most common wall coverings and will add both sophistication and finesse to a room. Some spaces do warrant temporary fixing though and this is where wall stickers become the perfect alternative, especially when graphic designs need to change frequently.

There have been various fads for wall decor over the past decade. In the 90s, it was wall stenciling and before that it was wallpaper. Both of these options were very permanent decor options and when it comes to decorating a room that is most likely going to be changing within a year or two, these options are not ideal.

Instead of pasting paper to your walls, which is virtually impossible to remove later in life or painting on your walls, there is another option available to you. For instance, you can try a new and contemporary method of decor called wall stickers. This type of removable wall decor allows you a lot more flexibility later in the life of a particular room in your home.

There are several instances in life when you will be decorating a room that is not necessarily going to have this same decor for a long period of time. For instance, you just had a new baby so you want to do your new baby's nursery in a cute Winnie the Pooh or other Disney character design. So, you paint the walls and put up a wallpaper border, or you do the entire room in Winnie the Pooh wallpaper. Or, perhaps you do an entire wall mural of the "Hundred Acre Wood" in paint on the wall. But, what do you do when your little boy or girl decides that they are much more interested in Transformers or Barbie? Do you rip down the wallpaper and hope that you can salvage your walls? Do you cover up the paint with more paint?

Instead of having to worry about repainting walls or tearing down wallpaper, you could make life and your decorating much easier on yourself. You have several options with removable wall decor, or wall stickers. This removable wall decor is available in all of your child's favorite designs. You also have the option of wall murals, so no painting is needed, nor is an artist. You can choose from a wide variety of borders and other decor as well. If your child is a Disney fan, self-stick wall appliqués provide you with a number of different Disney and Pixar characters to select from. All are easy to put and made of heavy duty vinyl that they can peel and stick whenever the desire.

As your child grows, their tastes change. They enjoy a variety of different cartoons, movies, and even sports teams. They will probably even want to change their room's decor once every couple of years or so. This cannot only get very expensive throughout their life, but it is a time consuming process to paint, repaint and wallpaper the same room repeatedly. Removable wall decor makes it easy for them to decorate their own room. With removable wall decor, you can provide your child with a blank wall and some wall stickers and let them have at it. You can even find wall sticker growth charts so that you can track your child's growth without having to write on the walls or make notches in the doorframe.

One of the many benefits of wall decor is that you don't have to worry about the wall stickers leaving any residue. They stick to virtually any flat surface in their room, which allows your children to be as creative as they want https://theprintableco.com.au/. Your child can change the room everyday if they want. With borders, wall murals, and appliqués to choose from, they will have the flexibility of not only what designs they want, but they can decorate any way they want.

In addition, they can create a unique photomural of photos on their wall as well. These are removable wall décor that provide you with various options including wall pockets and photo frames. These allow your children to frame photos of them, their friends and family all over their walls. Wall pockets provide them with a way to store all of their little trinkets or display items on their walls.

If you're interested an easier way to decorate and keep up with your child's ever-changing decor tastes, you can keep up with them by using removable wall decor. Removable wall decor does not cost any more than what you would pay for wallpaper or paint. It's an affordable way to decorate and you can reuse the wall decals for up to two years or more.


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